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Data Discovery

Dont become the next data breach victim.
Find out where sensitive data is hiding.

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Mobile Security

We analyzed mobile threat data to find the
top mobile threats for 2013 and predictions for 2014

Learn more about the mobile threat quadrant:

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BYOD Security Scanning

Automatically scan devices as they access your network and applications

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Use the cloud to scan anyone, anytime, anywhere.


Cloud to your computer and mobile device with revolutionary patent pending technology.


Fastest cloud security scanner delivering results in seconds.


Includes data discovery and compliance scanning.


HTML Reporting with dynamic charts and now includes JSON format.

iScan for Managed Service Providers

MSP's are tasked with managing the security and compliance for multiple clients. With iScan's multi-tenant cloud console, you can manage scan results and onboard new customers simple and fast.

Get started today and deliver endpoint security and compliance scanning, mobile device management and more. iScan now integrates with RMM solutions such as Kaseya and Labtech.

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What's Hot - Data Discovery Scan

Data breaches are the number one cause of identity theft. iScan Online's data discovery scan identifies where employees are storing unprotected credit card and social security data.

Identify what data is at risk, simple, fast, and affordable for desktops, servers and mobile devices.

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BYOD Security Scanning

Cloud-based Security Scanning Service — iScan Online is an online security scanning service delivered from the cloud to Windows, Mac and Mobile devices. Opportunistically Assess devices as they connect to your network and applications from anywhere in the world.

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